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Have you sold your vehicle and wish to transfer the extended warranty to the new buyer?


Take time to read the following information to ensure that you meet all of the transfer criteria.


The warranty is transferable only once (1), that is to the subsequent purchaser of the vehicle (from one individual to another). The transfer cannot be made if the transfer title is made by an entity other than the subsequent buyer.


The following procedures must be followed in full to complete the transfer:

  1. Administrative fees of $ 100 plus applicable taxes must be paid before making the transfer;

  2. The transfer of the contract must be made within a period of 30 days following the date of sale of the vehicle;

  3. Any remaining manufacturer's warranty, still in effect, must also be transferred to the new purchaser;

  4. You must accompany the form below with a copy of the first page of your original contract, proof of receipt for the vehicle as well as the payment of administrative fees of $ 100 plus applicable taxes in the name of KM Plus Warranty Inc. ;

  5. The original contract and all proof of maintenance of the vehicle must be given to the new owner. These proofs of maintenance must be kept as well as any other document relating to the vehicle by the new owner in accordance with the mechanical warranty contract. KM + may, at its discretion, require proof of maintenance that may affect any claim;

  6. The repayment option is not transferable as stipulated in your warranty contract;



Please download the transfer form, fill it out and send it by email to KM + at with all the documents necessary for the transfer.
An agent will contact you as soon as possible to proceed with the transfer.





Please refer to your extended warranty contract and carefully read clause 4.1 of the extended warranty contract applicable to the transfer to find out all the provisions of the contract. The transfer will not take effect until the initial owner has signed this form and the new owner has received the transfer letter from KM + confirming such transfer. Please contact KM + if you have not received the letter within 45 days of request.
KM Plus reserves the right not to process to the transfer if the terms and conditions of the warranty contract have not been fully met.


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